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IoT app and device



Internet of Things Startup


App Design


Erin Oostra


Meet elsie! She's the newest Internet of Things device/app for interior designers. She's an interior designer's personal assistant in the form of a physical device which connects to it's own corresponding iPad app. Elsie is a conceptual design piece that was created to make the lives of interior designers easier and more efficient.

The elsie app/device was named after Elsie Mackay, one of the first female interior designers in history. Elsie Mackay was a strong independent young woman working in a man's world and IoT elsie is ahead of it's time as well! Elsie can take room measurements, light measurements, send info to AutoCad, communicate with retail stores, help designers connect with their clients, and much more! Elsie is THE app for designers looking to save time and money while growing their interior design business. Here are a few user personas that helped with the creation of elsie:

How it works

Once an interior designer buys an elsie device they can quickly connect it to the elsie app by entering in a few brief details. Multiple devices can connect to one app login so elsie is perfect for the interior designer who works with many clients. Each elsie device has a small display screen on the front so the designer can set up each device to be connected to a different room/client. The elsie device would simply be set up in the room that is to be designed or redesigned by attaching to the largest wall using non-damaging Command strips. The elsie device will scan the room, create 3d renderings, take periodical photos, and calculate measurements of space, light, foot traffic, and noise for a period of 24 hours to make it's calculations. This saves the designer the time of gathering all this info themselves.

After the 24 hour time period has passed the interior designer would go back to collect the device and meet with the client. All of the information gathered by the elsie device would have been automatically transmitted via cloud to the elsie app. If elsie may have had a hard time collecting any measurements in the room elsie will alert the designer. The designer can then manually take the necessary measurements with the laser measurement tool in the elsie device. The designer can also take photos with their iPad and add it to that room’s inspiration board located within the elsie app. This is a great feature that includes the client in the process. If they have their own inspiration to show the designer the designer can quickly upload this into the elsie device for future use. The inspiration board also allows the designer to manage all of their notes and ideas for design inspiration, as well as create moodboards that they can send via email to their client.

Once the elsie device has gathered it's measurements and connected them to the app, the retail side of elsie comes into play! With the information gathered by the elsie device plus the designer's in app preferences on specific stores they frequent, elsie can connect to retail stores in the area and offer product suggestions on what might work for the unique design and space. This feature can introduce designers to new stores and locations as well as save them from making a long trip to a store that doesn’t have what they’re looking for. The designer can then create a custom product list from these suggestions and send it to the client for their approval.


Visual Design & Prototype

Elsie was designed for the modern interior designer who uses apps via iPad to create amazing interior spaces. Below are some of the screens designed exclusively for this app and it's interior designer users.
View the entire clickable prototype that I created in InVision here.

Packaging & Marketing Strategy

The elsie product is not sold in stores. Since it was created for a niche user it's choice market is online. The elsie packaging highlights the elsie device and the app's fun color theme. Along with the product and packaging a unique marketing strategy was necessary to get the elsie app on the market. Since elsie is a trade-specific product it's marketing approach was through social media and blogs. Here are some visuals of how one might come across elsie's marketing.

This UX Internet of Things design was a 5 week project which I worked on with my partner Erin Oostra. We came up with the conceptual idea, screen layouts, branding, marketing and design execution within that 5 week timeframe. Additionally, we designed the device in Rhino and printed it on a 3D printer to show proof of concept.